Seriously, we’re not getting paid for this.

I guess the second question is after today than the first. If you’ve been following our 30 Days Of Killzone you already know that Killzone 2 drops today. As usual, when I try to avoid the hype of a big release by the time it comes out I can’t resist the desire to not be left out so I’ll be running out in a few minutes to go fetch me a copy of one of the biggest PS3 releases to date. My PSN Network username is HarpuaScorpio, like my Xbox Live tag without the space in the middle. Care to share yours in the comments?

When it comes to what I’ve been playing this week I’ve been back into Burnout Paradise and enjoying the new updates. It’s really amazing how well Criterion has been supporting this game and if you haven’t played in a while you’re really missing out on a lot of new stuff. Of course, there’s the Legendary Car pack as well…

I’ve also started going through the single-player campaign of Relic’s 2004 RTS Warhammer 40K: Dawn Of War. The sequel was recently released and since I purchased the first one and all of its expansions during that awesome Steam sale over the New Year I figured it would be a good idea to play through some of those instead of plunking down another $50. It sounds like the sequel is a bit different and more to my tastes but after two of the eleven single-player missions, I’m really enjoying it. I probably won’t bother with multiplayer since everyone’s most likely moved on to the new one but I might drop in and see how long I can survive. Between this series and Company of Heroes Relic really seems to have their shit together with this whole RTS thing.

So that’s about it for me, Whatcha Been Playing?